Android Asteroid – Blame Them/Flip It


I think I’ve just fallen in love.

Browsing through the lineup for this weekend’s United Islands festival, I noticed the name of a Czech band I had never heard of before: Android Asteroid. They describe their music as a “contagious, rolling downtempo groove,” which just about sums it up. It’s the piano solo towards the end of Blame Them/Flip It that really does it for me, but everything about this band resonates with melody, groove and style.

They are performing at the criminally early time of 15:45 on Friday afternoon (June 21st) on the Excellent Urban stage, Ladronka Park at United Islands. I’m still trying to figure out how I can be there, and you should too!

Check out their website and buy their self-titled album on amazon.


The artwork used for Android Asteroid's self titled album

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