Post Hudba – Pristavy

Presented here is a group who spend their time fleeting between Brno, Prague and Liberec writing mellow, electronic-influenced indie grooves accompanied by the deep soothing vocals of Dominik Zezula, nickname Domingo. The band is called Post Hudba and this song “Pristavy” comes from their EP – Artefakty. The song is a warm drone of elements that merge together to form a dynamic that won’t necessarily excite but will compel. The pace is constant which hypnotises the listener and the whole experience leaves you wanting more. I have listened to this song countless times and there are depths to it that appear even on the seventh or eight listen! If you are equally compelled then please head over to their bandcamp page and check out their full EP. For 120Kcs or 4 GBPs you can’t really go wrong! 🙂


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