DJ Wich & Nironic – Dreaming


A lazy Friday evening in the beer garden catching up with friends, arguing about the relative merits of British cuisine and listening to a range of pets-getting-in-the-way stories (I’ll leave it at that), culminated in making friends with a couple of Czech guys sitting on a nearby table. Conversation soon turned to music and, subsequently, local artists worth checking out. Which brings me to DJ Wich.

I’ve always maintained a healthy scepticism towards Czech hip hop. It’s not enough to simply carry a bit of attitude. The beats, flow and melody have to be there too and that’s a rare enough occurrence (although there are several notable exceptions).

Wich and Prague-based American rapper Nironic hover somewhere above the rest. Kicking off with a heartfelt vocal sample (somebody tell me who it is, I bet it’s obvious) and a low-key yet instantly catchy organ part, Dreaming has an effortlessly quality. It doesn’t need to try too hard to be this good. The beat lollops along trying to keep up with Nironic’s sharp yet uplifting lyrics, creating a human feel and providing a solid platform for an extremely emotive  melody.

I’m a fan, check out more of Dj Wich’s music on his Soundcloud page and catch Nironic on Facebook.


Photograph for J Wich & Nironic - Dreaming

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