Praguebeats’ Birthday Podcast!

So, we decided to celebrate Praguebeats’ first birthday by confronting our greatest fear… recording a podcast.

Thanks again to everybody who has supported us by reading the blog, taken time to talk to us and, of course, created some amazing music. We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

We had so much fun making this podcast that we’ll certainly be making some more. If you have music that you would like us to feature, or any other suggestions, get in touch!


Voho – Boy

Smoke Visions – Bongobass

Roman Empire – Purple Cap

Dizetai/Bishop – Live for you

Beata Bocek – O jednej Pani

Calm Season – Silent Night

Jan Miklosko – Sit down (and watch the sky change)


Ljuk (formerly Beatfoot) – Journey above the cliffs

Clara Bailar – Something Different

Thanks once again for listening. Until next time!

James and Adam

Roman Empire – Purple Cap

We’re big fans of the Czech producer who goes by the name of Roman Empire and he’s delivered once again with a new piece called Purple Cap. It’s perfect Saturday morning listening, combining dreamy pads with occasional bursts of slightly (but not much) more energetic melodic stabs. Music for wearing slippers to (and I mean that in the best possible way!). Keep them coming, Roman!


Roman Empire – Satelit

Epic tune from Praguebeat’s favourite Roman Empire. Satelit starts off with a psychedelic fusion of noise and scattered beats building in a powerful rise which breaks down into a melodic dream like second phrase with a deep looming bass. A eery atmosphere is created with the help of some distorted break beats all leading into the sumptuous third phase – A beautiful elegant end to a powerfully distorted lead-up. Wonderful stuff!