Honey T – Autumn Alley (Touchwood’s Aequinoctium RMX)

Fancy being enlightened?? Of course you do! 🙂 So come listen to this mesmirising remix of Honey T’s Autumn Alley. I just love the enchanting intro from the softly played piano and the way it paints a mysterious picture of some exotic far away dreamland waiting to be discovered. That’s until 45 seconds when the beautifully simple but every so effective drums make their way into the frame. The strictness of their rhythm clashing perfectly with the docile atmosphere created initially. As the tune develops the listener is taken further and further away from the place they started until they suddenly realise they are in a completely different place altogether – a murky future state full of dirty bass sounds and sporadic drums! They can only reminisce about that far off dreamland from whence they traveled. The overall song length is a whooping 7.32 but it moves by you like a giant ship in the night and ends beautifully with a return to the initial phrase where it all began. Honey T always produces top notch material and it is always a pleasure to listen. For more of his stuff check out our pages here and here and his Soundcloud page here.

Fuck its hot today!


Honey T - Autumn Alley (Touchwood's Aequinoctium RMX)

Praguebeats – Podcast 2 – April 2013


It’s podcast time again! When we recorded our birthday podcast in March, there was snow on the ground and ice in our bones. Thankfully spring has finally elbowed winter out of the way and summer holidays on exotic beaches now seem like a realistic possibility rather than a distant dream.

So, to continue with this flow of positivity, we’ve gone for a theme of melancholy and attitude in our second podcast.

We’d be really grateful if you could share this (podcast, not melancholy) with your friends to help the artists that we’ve featured get the exposure their music deserves.

As ever, if you have music that you would like us to feature on future podcasts, or any other suggestions, get in touch!

James and Adam


Honey T – Till you hear

Abyssus – Transformation

Honza Peroutka – Lidi

Keosz – Desire

Stratasoul – Dance of 2

Khoiba – Pathetic

Kenas a N8 – Pro lidi tam venku

Dikolson – Mercury

Luvca – Move on

Boris Carloff – In Circles

Honey T – Summer Piss

Lovely little garage beat here by Honey T. There is a deep bass, lazy beat and some gorgeous vocals all mixed together in this sparse mix. This is the sort of song I would expect to hear at the end of a blazing hot summer, sitting on the beach reflecting on what might have been. However the sound produced here is top notch (like all things Honey T seems to touch). You can listen and purchase it here – 1 of 2 songs released on this Summer Piss EP under Sun side records. Very glad I found this.


Honey T - Summer Piss EP