Praguebeats – Podcast 3 – June 2013


Podcast number three is here! We’ve gone for probably the most diverse selection of music yet with tunes ranging from morbid to uplifting and melodic to scary.

Thanks as ever to everybody who sent us music and made suggestions. We’re always on the lookout for brilliant new music, so please keep them coming!

Please also share this with your friends, followers, relatives and pets. There’s some exceptional music coming of for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and we want it to reach as wide an audience as possible.

James and Adam


Forma – Remix for Monika Naceva

Wicked Lester and DJ Czech – Justice

MGDLN – Birth of Swag

Gem Reflection – Sleepless Night

Steakhouse Orchestra – A Sunny Day (The Bonheur Song)

Yavo – Shipibo Icaro

Kittchen – Brcko

Kieslowski – Špinavý dny

Foolk – Spa Girl

Sunflower Caravan – Get High






Foolk – Speechless word

Another weird and wonderful concoction of noises, samples and beats from the ever-so talented Slovakian – Foolk. He has a way of crafting together sounds that have no right to be in the same space, yet he does it with a seeming-less ease that leaves you feeling somewhat perplexed but quietly intrigued all at the same time! What a clever chap!


Foolk - Speechless Word

Foolk (Definitely not Folk!)

Check out this lovely track by Dusan Vanco from Trnava, Slovakia otherwise known as Foolk. It seems no sample is safe from his menacing hands! This song is a classic example with a hypnotic scattered beat delicately bubbling along under some mesmirising chopped vocals and smooth stretched out samples. Trippy and beautiful all at the same time. You can find this track here if you wish to support Foolk in his exploration of the samplitrefic world.