Kasioboy – Error on the Timeline

You know those people who always look ready – their hair, their clothes, their smile… Those people who wake up and everything just naturally falls into place and you just look at them like “How the hell you’d do that?!!”Well that is the impression I get from Kasioboy. His music just appears so effortless. There doesn’t seem to be any struggle or any resistance. Everything just flows… It’s the kind of music you listen to and your mind just gets caught up in the whole atmosphere and experience and it glides you along happily and lets your mind just… well wonder. Then before you know it the album has ended and your find yourself placed gracefully back on the ground feeling a little bit more relaxed and happier than when you started the journey.

This particular song – Error on the timeline – is a classic example of this. It is taken from his album – Timeline Error, and starts off with a chorus of voices singing before the 80s styled electronic synths take over and sucks you into Kasioboy’s world of sounds and ideas. You can listen to his whole album here on his bandcamp site and prepare to float away. 🙂