Ower – Reflections

Following a whiskey-tastic weekend at Mighty Sounds, I’m feeling rather punk-rocked out and in need of something a bit more downtempo to settle myself down for the coming week. As it happens, Soundcloud has just the medicine for me in the form of this beautiful track from Czech producer Ower. He’s been on our radar for some time, usually due to his laid back dnb productions. Reflections is something different, blending a rather mournful melody with ghostly vocal snippets and bass that sounds as though it’s enjoying taking a bit of a breather from it’s regular dnb gig . Instead it’s lazing around on a deck chair shouting out occasional instructions. Stunning stuff. Check out Ower’s Soundcloud page to hear more of this music.


Ower - Reflections

Misology – Green Point (Kodex EP – Deafmuted records)

We don’t normally post clips rather full versions of tunes, but then it’s not every day that drum n bass like this jumps out of our inbox and puts the speakers through such a heavy workout. We’ve featured the Czech dnb producer known as Misology before and his new Kodex EP – out on Deafmuted Records – is evidence of a growing maturity in his sound; full of clinical beats, crossclub bass and melody from a long lost night out. Buy it on Beatport.

Artwork for the Kodex EP by Misology. Out on Deafmuted Records

Praguebeats – Podcast 2 – April 2013


It’s podcast time again! When we recorded our birthday podcast in March, there was snow on the ground and ice in our bones. Thankfully spring has finally elbowed winter out of the way and summer holidays on exotic beaches now seem like a realistic possibility rather than a distant dream.

So, to continue with this flow of positivity, we’ve gone for a theme of melancholy and attitude in our second podcast.

We’d be really grateful if you could share this (podcast, not melancholy) with your friends to help the artists that we’ve featured get the exposure their music deserves.

As ever, if you have music that you would like us to feature on future podcasts, or any other suggestions, get in touch!

James and Adam


Honey T – Till you hear

Abyssus – Transformation

Honza Peroutka – Lidi

Keosz – Desire

Stratasoul – Dance of 2

Khoiba – Pathetic

Kenas a N8 – Pro lidi tam venku

Dikolson – Mercury

Luvca – Move on

Boris Carloff – In Circles