Praguebeats – Podcast 3 – June 2013


Podcast number three is here! We’ve gone for probably the most diverse selection of music yet with tunes ranging from morbid to uplifting and melodic to scary.

Thanks as ever to everybody who sent us music and made suggestions. We’re always on the lookout for brilliant new music, so please keep them coming!

Please also share this with your friends, followers, relatives and pets. There’s some exceptional music coming of for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and we want it to reach as wide an audience as possible.

James and Adam


Forma – Remix for Monika Naceva

Wicked Lester and DJ Czech – Justice

MGDLN – Birth of Swag

Gem Reflection – Sleepless Night

Steakhouse Orchestra – A Sunny Day (The Bonheur Song)

Yavo – Shipibo Icaro

Kittchen – Brcko

Kieslowski – Špinavý dny

Foolk – Spa Girl

Sunflower Caravan – Get High







I believe that music, as a work of art doesn’t reflect, but rather captures one moment, in which the author looks into their own mind. This image is, however, not immune to disfigurement.

These are the words of MGDLN, a talented young female producer emerging out of Prague, who clearly takes her music very seriously. MGDLN, real name Magdalenka Vytlačilová, has just released her 3rd production – “EXPERI.MENTAL ISSUE – WHO DAFUQ IS MANYMORE?” –

At first I would like to show that even a girl can produce music and that it’s not only a matter of men. The whole idea to make an EP was a complex idea, or maybe even a need, to make an intelligent dance music piece covered with an ambition to express myself and to make other people feel something because music is very important to me and it can move with me.

Magdalenka has been working on this pseudoalbum for 8 months carefully crafting every sound on each song. From listening to this album it is clear there are two sides to MGDLN. There is a naturally gifted composer who has grown up listening to classical music and been influenced by their form, structure and melodies and then lurking just below the surface there’s a darker side at work, a side that revels in the creation of dark beats and dirty sounds. This can probably be explained by MGDLN’s early influences “When I was about 12 y.o. I listened to metal and punk music and classical music but somehow I turned more into a trance music which provoked me to produce music. Since I discovered Electro House music through my friend W.I.R.E. I fell in love with 128bpm and bouncy screamy sounds … I cannot say who or what is my biggest influence …As I radically changed my musical preferences, the only thing I didn’t change is my love for classical music but I don’t think I am influenced by Beethoven or Rachmaninov :D. Also I always loved French nu-rave house, like Justice, SebastiAn, DJ Mehdi and Daft Punk

The EP starts off with MGDLN’s classical side at the helm. It is a soft easy entry into what you would think will be a gentle journey through a blossoming kingdom of noises and soundscapes. A piano takes you through various loops and phrases as if giving you a bird’s eye view of what is to come and everything seems quite pleasant. One can imagine floating along the clouds to this tune looking down at the unaware souls of the earth going about their daily lives in blissful ignorance of what is to come. The whole atmosphere created by the initial song is quickly shifted though as soon as “Another Spasm” begins. The low rumbling bass boom right at the beginning immediately signifies a shift of moods with an American corporate voice introducing the supposed meaning of “Dharma”. This leads into another catchy wavering riff but on this song MGDLN builds and develops something that begins to show her capabilities as a producer. A change of pace and a slightly bolder percussion element leads into a wide expanse of music and emotions.

By the third songs things have really changed and this is where I think MGDLN comes into her element. The dainty stuff at the beginning is all well and good but MGDLN’s strengths lay in creating beats – dark, vicious beats! I likened this song in a previous review to an eerie sinister underworld of haunting sounds and menacing beats which collectively create a chilling atmosphere comparable to some dark beast waking up after a long slumber in need of vital nourishment. The suspense created in this song keeps you captivated, holding your breath waiting for the inevitable break and when it comes it isn’t quite how you would expect which makes the impact all the greater. Aphex Twin would be proud to create the beats in this track!

“Devils are there” showcases again MGDLNs uncanny ability to produce some sick drums. Punchy and filthy beats that fuse together with the distorted bass hum leading the listener into a darker and darker dream. This is the type of tune that should get played in a deep dark dirty cellar on a sound system loud enough to make your lungs shake and your heart scared!!

The EP finishes off with a track called “Desillusion’ (My personal favourite!). It is (for want of a better word) EPIC! It sounds how Sigur Ros would sound if they grew up on an industrial area with Robots for parents and factories for homes. I mentioned in the beginning how the first track was like floating above fluffy clouds. Well this track is like soaring from the depths on the back of a giant golden Eagle! I imagine this is how Frodo and Sam felt after escaping the clutches of that Volcano! 🙂

Magdalenka definitely has an ear for a melody and excels with making beats however whilst everything sounds amazingly professional and finished I still feel that MGDLN is yet to find her true voice. There are glimpses throughout this EP but it is mostly comparable to something. There is such a wide range of sounds and genres on here that it is almost unbelievable that all of them were produced by one person!

On this pseudoalbum MGDLN’s hasn’t just created some songs and decided to put them together, she has created a story that unfolds before you and if you let it, it will immerse you completely. This however brings me to my next thought… where does MGDLNs music fit in? I mean who will really listen to it as she intended? As a whole it is as she stated – “a work of art” but in this day and age who will actually take the time to appreciate it as a whole? Who will sit down and listen to this from beginning to end? People are fickle and have attention spans as long as a bee’s arm so I guess a great deal will depend on what Magdalenka wants… Music seems to be more and more compromised these days by artists who are writing what they think is wanted to be heard so in that respect MGDLN’s music is very refreshing as she has written exactly what she wants to. Compromises will nevertheless turn up… I just hope MGDLN doesn’t compromise too much as there are moments of brilliance on this EP which if nurtured well could lead to exciting prospects.


You can find MGDLN’s album at the following links:

Facebook download

1) Pursuit of flow
2) Another Spasm
3) Eternal Radness
4) Devils are there
5) Complete Unknown
6) Found a paradise
7) Desillusion

Kieslowski – Špinavý dny


Kieslowski are a duo made up of pianist and singer, Marie Kieslowski, and DKP who plays guitar and sings as well as contributing ‘other noises’. Together they create a melodic brand of indie folk.

My attention was caught in particular by a track called Špinavý dny (literally ‘Unclean days’). Based around a simple and yet melancholic guitar melody, DKP’s delicate vocals compliment the mood perfectly and I love the part that sounds as though it is played on some kind of melodic percussion instrument (as a former drummer, I should really know what it is!).

Check out more of their stuff on their Soundcloud page and find out more about them on their official website and Facebook page.

They will be appearing at festivals around the Czech Republic over the summer, most notably joining what looks set to be a fantastic line up at Colours of Ostrava. I will certainly be trying to catch one of their shows.