Honey T – Autumn Alley (Touchwood’s Aequinoctium RMX)

Fancy being enlightened?? Of course you do! 🙂 So come listen to this mesmirising remix of Honey T’s Autumn Alley. I just love the enchanting intro from the softly played piano and the way it paints a mysterious picture of some exotic far away dreamland waiting to be discovered. That’s until 45 seconds when the beautifully simple but every so effective drums make their way into the frame. The strictness of their rhythm clashing perfectly with the docile atmosphere created initially. As the tune develops the listener is taken further and further away from the place they started until they suddenly realise they are in a completely different place altogether – a murky future state full of dirty bass sounds and sporadic drums! They can only reminisce about that far off dreamland from whence they traveled. The overall song length is a whooping 7.32 but it moves by you like a giant ship in the night and ends beautifully with a return to the initial phrase where it all began. Honey T always produces top notch material and it is always a pleasure to listen. For more of his stuff check out our pages here and here and his Soundcloud page here.

Fuck its hot today!


Honey T - Autumn Alley (Touchwood's Aequinoctium RMX)

Roman Empire

Roman Empire, known in real life as Roman Putnar, is a Czech musician whom I am delighted to have randomly stumbled upon whilst idly wandering around the internet on the hunt for new tunes. As with Adam’s last post, I would be hard-pushed to identify anything as straightforward as a genre for Roman’s music, rather each song should be treated as a journey full of unexpected twists, turns, backtracks and sudden bursts of energy.
The tune that caught my attention in the first place is called Rébus. I was initially drawn in by the foreboding atmosphere combined with interesting textures and pulsing melody. I like the fact that he is prepared to draw the intro out, bringing the main drums in almost two minutes in. Further on and the urgency increases with a dark, driving bass and ghostly piano over the top.



This led me to explore further and dive into his souncloud page, where I found a diverse mixture of deep yet always subtly melodic tunes ranging from the gentle Matka to the more recognisable melodic progression of Ulice (probably my favourite at this point).




There are many more that I could mention but I would urge you to hit his soundcloud page and discover this brilliant music for yourself.  If you like melody, atmosphere and the unexpected then you are probably going to love this.