Mythematica – Ambivala

Its been a little while since I have heard anything from Prague based producer Mythematica (Daniel Spacek). So you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered this beauty whilst scanning through soundcloud the other day!! If you have never heard of Mythematica I recommend you to check out his album “Mythematica“. It showcases his obvious talent in music creation and song writing. This tune here – Ambivala – is another example of his fine work, starting with a glistening harmony of bells and synths drifting dreamily into an echoey electro beat underlined by a funky bass riff. The ride simmers down for a moment of self-reflection before lifting up once more with the introduction of a woman’s vocals. The song ends by winding itself down, tucking itself into bed and slowly fading down the lights.

Great stuff and hopefully there will be more of where this came from!


Mythematica - Ambivala

Yavo – Earth Song

An inspiring landscape of noises and atmospherics created here by the ever talented Yavo. We discovered this producers a little while back and he continues to produce some beautiful pieces of music. There is no sign of desperation for the audience’s attention with his compositions… they merely exist and capture your imagination. They draw you into another world and leave you captivated at the subtlety of it all. Definitely one to keep an eye on. For more of Yavo’s stuff please visit his soundcloud page here.


Earth Song

Post Hudba – Pristavy

Presented here is a group who spend their time fleeting between Brno, Prague and Liberec writing mellow, electronic-influenced indie grooves accompanied by the deep soothing vocals of Dominik Zezula, nickname Domingo. The band is called Post Hudba and this song “Pristavy” comes from their EP – Artefakty. The song is a warm drone of elements that merge together to form a dynamic that won’t necessarily excite but will compel. The pace is constant which hypnotises the listener and the whole experience leaves you wanting more. I have listened to this song countless times and there are depths to it that appear even on the seventh or eight listen! If you are equally compelled then please head over to their bandcamp page and check out their full EP. For 120Kcs or 4 GBPs you can’t really go wrong! 🙂