Kieslowski – Špinavý dny


Kieslowski are a duo made up of pianist and singer, Marie Kieslowski, and DKP who plays guitar and sings as well as contributing ‘other noises’. Together they create a melodic brand of indie folk.

My attention was caught in particular by a track called Špinavý dny (literally ‘Unclean days’). Based around a simple and yet melancholic guitar melody, DKP’s delicate vocals compliment the mood perfectly and I love the part that sounds as though it is played on some kind of melodic percussion instrument (as a former drummer, I should really know what it is!).

Check out more of their stuff on their Soundcloud page and find out more about them on their official website and Facebook page.

They will be appearing at festivals around the Czech Republic over the summer, most notably joining what looks set to be a fantastic line up at Colours of Ostrava. I will certainly be trying to catch one of their shows.




2 responses to “Kieslowski – Špinavý dny

    • Hey Michelle, thanks for getting in touch. My Czech isn’t brilliant but I should be able to translate into English once I get my hands on the lyrics, I’ll get back to you (although feel free to hassle me about it!).

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