Ondra MK – 2night

The voice is a powerful instrument… It is something that can both haunt or inspire, enrage or enchant, whisper or shout. The range of possibilities is astounding and the subtlety of emotions that it can convey is truly incredible. On Ondra MK’s latest release it is the voice that instantly stands out with its beautifully crafted echo that instantly hypnotises the listener and draws them into their own world of thoughts and doubts. The voice floats almost effortlessly above the delicate spacial drumbeats caught in a current of its own perpetual motion – (The vocals are actually provided courtesy of Dignity Dope). There is an unexpected change of pace around the 2 min mark providing an element of drama and anticipation which helps build the whole atmosphere. Ondra seems to love to try different techniques, for example on this song he uses a Polaroid click to create a sample which is used as a beat. These are the sort of things that can create a distinctive sound and here, with a gentle use of delay, it works wonderfully. Ondra’s tunes seem to be getting better and better. I’m looking forward to an official release sometime soon!


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