Monikino Kino – Desiatu noc pri mori

Sometimes when looking for new music it can be a real joy but sometimes it can be an extremely tedious task which can suck your soul dry of any hope of finding something even listenable! God bless the internet but it is filled with a whole lot of shit!

However, luckily, today was one of those joyous days where upon every click I managed to stumble upon something great sounding. This song “Desiatu noc pri mori” by a duo (Monika Midriaková + Petr Marek/MIDI LIDI) known as Monikino Kino is no exception with its soothing vocals and hypnotic guitars easing you along on a dream-like journey through a landscape of texture and beauty. I imagined this would only be heightened by the use of LSD but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately :)) there is none laying around at this very time. Their sound reminds me of a Scottish group that I used to adore – Arab Strap.  So they get double points for that!

Have a listen with eyes closed and lights dimmed. You may even start floating a little…


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