Eternal Radness – .Magdalene

It seems like an age since I last posted a track! We’ve been too busy doing interviews and podcasts but rest assured we are still on the prowl for great music. Its a good thing too as there is so much good music out there just waiting to be heard and appreciated.

This week is a producer going by the name of .Magdalene (not sure how important the . is at the beginning of the name but I included it anyway! :)) The song is called Eternal Radness and that it most certainly is. .Magdalene has created a eerie sinister underworld of haunting sounds and menacing beats which collectively create a chilling atmosphere comparable to some dark beast waking up after a long slumber in need of vital nourishment. With a hint of epic hope!

Bloody great stuff. Listen. Love it and turn it up loud.


By the way, I really like .Magdalene’s profile on soundcloud: ” i started producing yesterday and i like kebab. and tits. and whisky. and i can do pretty nice whoop whoop. whop” I bet he can! 🙂

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