Kenas a N8 – Ty ( produkoval Leryk )

Time to introduce an absolutely wicked song by Kenas a N8. They are two Hip-Hop enthusiasts originating from Plzen who have been rapping together since 2008. Before that they were solo rapping and learning their trade in N8’s home studio. This particular song ‘Ty’ comes from their latest album ‘Starej Blok’ which was released on the 1st Feb 2013. Unbelievably this whole album can be downloaded for free!!! You can find all the songs on their soundcloud page. I have been listening to their album all week on my new headphones and there are some great tracks to be found. Not sure if it sounds great because of my headphones or because of the production! 🙂 I’m sure its the production… Anyway my personal favourites are ‘Ty’, ‘Pro lidi tam venku’ & ‘Pilsenskills’ featuring Krouzmen and Synchro.

Great album. Check it out now! Really… Right now!


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