Claviq – Pokracing (cntn)

First off Happy Easter to everyone! We have been a bit distracted over the festive period with all the jovial festivities of smacking girls’ bums with pomlazky a chucking water over them (that really didn’t go down well for some reason!) and now safe in the knowledge our girls are fresh for another year we can move on. To some Easterhop… 🙂

Claviq is one of the most productive producers on the Czech scene spurning out a constant tide of quality samples and tracks. He has an original sound that is instantly recognisable. This is another example with a downward spinning trumpet stuttering clumsily into some deep drunken hole. Claviqs’ tunes never sit comfortably but they do entice and rejuvenate. It seems he sees the world from a slightly distorted angle from the rest of us that is both weird and wonderful all at the same time. I wonder what goes on inside his head… Check his stuff out here.


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