Voho – Boy

Looking out the window today the world seems somewhat bleak and unappealing (its bloody freezing!). Therefore staying indoors with some warm tea and soothing tunes is the way to go. Not the most exciting thing in the world but sometimes a slower pace needs to be taken, plus I found the perfect artist to enjoy these moments with. His name is Voho and he creates chilled out, electronic tunes with some intriguing distorted vocals. When you first listen there is nothing spectacular but his songs do have a powerful sense of purpose and a depth that isn’t completely obvious. Take the tune – Boy for example. It starts with sinister but hopeful strings foraging over a delicate piano melody leading the listener into a strange but comforting world of sounds and ideas. When the bass and vocals come in it has already reached a hypnotic pace and rhythm and you find yourself wistfully carried along. There is a sense of hope in all of Voho’s songs coupled with a relaxed atmosphere. Listen to more of his stuff here



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