Jamchestra – Tech Hruz

Rarely has a band name been more appropriate than is the case with Czech ‘drum & jazzers’ Jamchestra. It sounds as though they’ve accidently wondered into a room with an exotic array of instruments and a vague intention of trying to play something, yet somehow it works brilliantly. It really should be a mess of noise but, instead, their music is filled with little snippets of haunting melody, flurries of giddy activity and, of course, badass drums! I really like a tune called ‘Tech Hruz’ which grows steadily from a mellow start to qucikly reach a frenetic pace that never really drops. Jamchestra are playing live tomorrow night (21st February) at U Staré paní in Prague. Gutted I can’t go because something tells me it’s going to be one hell of a night!


Éterická Jamchestra / 3.1.2013

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