I’ve always been sceptical when listening to people rapping in languages other than (mainly American) English. It has to be exceptionally good to sound like anything more than a cheap imitation (although the French have got it sussed). Anyway, Prague-based rapper Avisto caught my attention with a couple of tracks that stand out due to his natural flow and strong musicality.

Nemám sílu is built around a delicate piano hook and beautiful choral melody that combine to cause a somewhat downcast tone (kind of reminds me of an MC Solaar tune I used to love).

Moje druhá holka, is a collaboration between Avisto, Jekyll and Noetik. This is a more upbeat tune and the video – created with Czech hip hop magazine Bigstage.cz – is cool as well (how many locations in Prague do you recognise?). What I like the most about this track is that it is essentially a declaration of love to music, with lyrics describing music as being like a second woman, something that I can completely identify with!


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