Smoke Visions – Bongobass

I tend to find that the mere mention of ‘dubstep’ causes otherwise restrained and polite individuals to develop angry tics fuelled by images of chainsaws and over-enthusiastic American college students. Try to protest with “you don’t understand! It’s not always like that! It’s about the sub-bass, honestly!” and the next stage kicks in: the patronising “that’s-nice-that-you-like-young-person’s-music’ smile. Then the violence happens.

There’s really no point in arguing with these people. Better to direct them to listen to this, to read this (from the beginning) or, better still, to come with me to see the legendary Mala at Crossclub next time he’s here.

And, as we’re in the Czech Republic, you might also point them in the direction of a producer going by the name of Smoke Visions. The Bouzov-based artist’s tracks are infused with a frenetic energy based on deep, driving bass, ghostly melodic textures and rhythms with so much forcefulness and groove, it almost feels dirty. Not a chainsaw in sight…


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