Holden Caulfield – One to Catch

I am pretty excited that I found this next band. I only stumbled upon them recently (about 1 year late) but as my father used to say – “Better late than never son!”. They are a three piece who go by the name of Holden Caulfield – (Catcher in the Rye was the first book I ever actually read and it grabbed me in a way I didn’t think possible and it has had an affect on the way I see things ever since… and I am not the only one –  BTW if you haven’t read it go and read it NOW! Then come back and read the rest of this :)). Therefore as soon as I saw a band going by the lead characters name I was immediately intrigued. The first song I listened to went by the name “Merry Christmas Pauline” – weird title but what a tune!!

It has such a catchy chorus that I have driven my missus insane by singing it endlessly whilst having it turned up full blast in our lounge. It’s a simple pop track at the end of the day but like all classic songs its triumph is in its simplicity. There are elements of the 80s in their sound combining with modern day influences. Its a has a 4/4 rhythm that just drives the song and you can’t help but move your whole body to it Listen for yourself and I guarantee you will have this song stuck in your head for days.

This next song is more slow paced. The inspiration for this song seems to be focused around the opposite sex (like all their songs actually) but women do have a knack at bringing out the deepest of emotions within us men so fair enough. The song is called “Paranoid” and was recorded at soundevice studios by Boris Carloff. It a guitar based ballad but again with a real catchy chorus. There are elements of The Cooper Temple Clause in their sound on this one. The video is well directed on an obvious budget and brings to the forefront the angst this young man is feeling.

Last but not least is their most recent song “Blind” – (As you have probably already guessed a woman is involved – ARGH!!!). Its an interesting set up as far as song writing goes, a repetitive verse that builds into the chorus. Elements of blink 182 in this one but again it’s very catchy and it can be seen that this group know what type of songs they like to write.

I have to say I love their track “Merry Christmas Pauline” (although it was released in 2011 it is the best song I have heard this year (from a band in the CZ!!)) – elements of 80s mixed with a dancy type beat brought something fresh. Their other songs are really good but its been done before and aren’t quite as strong as Merry Christmas. Their talent lies in song writing and I am sure they will produce many more great tracks in the future. I for one am very excited!



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