Khoiba – Pathetic

Isn’t it scary that 2005 is already seven years ago? Time flies when you’re living in Prague! Anyway, here’s a gem of a song from the depths of the previous decade that deserves to be listened to on repeat for at least one evening of everybody’s lifetime. Khoiba are a Czech band that have been around since prehistoric times (2002) based around the core trio of singer Ema Brabcová, guitarist Filip Misek and bassist Peter Sama. Although Brabcová has since left the group, I wanted to share a song that demonstrates her beautifully haunting vocals and none does so better than Pathetic which made up part of the soundtrack of a Czech film from 2005 called The Restart (which has gone straight onto my list of films to check out!). Aside from the brilliance of the singing and the eccentric song title, Pathetic blends sparse melodic textures with slightly disconcerting drum programming to produce an unsettling yet emotional piece of music. I would be interested to hear how the sound has evolved in recent years and will be keeping an eye out for any new material that I can find (please feel free to point me in the right direction). In the meantime, there’s quite a back catalog to work through, which you can find on the band’s Myspace page.




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