J – Warm Warm voice for the Cold Cold nights

They say the Human voice is the thing that people can really connect to when listening to music. When you feel that special feeling when listening to a song the voice usually plays a fundamental part in that connection. You just have to look back through recent history to find memorable bands and the voice will be a unique element in the makeup of each of their songs – Kurt Kobain – Nirvana, Johnny Cash, Patti Smith, Aretha Franklin, John Lennon – The Beatles & Solo, Bob Dylan to name but a few. So distinctive. So memorable. Their voices are the essence that reach deep down inside us and find their roots and stay engrained for all our lives. You could go without music for the next 50 years and then if someone played you “Imagine” you would instantly recognise John Lennon’s voice.

Now… I am not claiming to have found the next in line of these great artists (well you never know:)…) however I want to introduce someone whose voice struck me the first moment I heard it.

He goes by the name of J – Jakub Jirásek. He is a young man who grew up in Switzerland but currently resides in the Czech Republic. He is currently in the early stages of what could become a very promising career in music. His music could be described as folk or garage folk or Lo-fi and he has already been compared to the likes of Beck and Adam Green. He started out in a band at school who went by the name of “The Limes” but then found himself wanting to try his hand at lots of different instruments. Gradually he began composing & recording his own songs and that’s how it came into being.

So far he has released a few EPs – Bears (2010). Run from the Town (2011) and most recently Cold cold nights (2012):

You can download his latest EP for free!!! and I highly recommend you do.

Strangely all the track names include the name “Boy” (not sure why) but one thing I can confirm is they are all great tracks. The leading track “Boy” was written over a year ago! My personal favourite has to be Get Goin’, Boy! What becomes immediately clear is apart from J’s distinctive voice he also has a natural ability to write such simple but such cleverly constructed songs. This is one of the hardest things to do – to make a song sound so natural and simple yet full of quality.

He also managed to get together with a film director by the name of Tomas Hruska to produce a music video for his track… Again nothing too clever here but it really fits the song well.

He occasionally plays with a band called Jeck but prefers to play on his own. He admits that it wouldn’t be particularly convenient to have a band permanently as it would have to consist of around 10 members to play all the different parts. However he would never write off the possibility and maybe in the future he would release an EP by the name “Jeck and friends” or something along those lines.

All his music can be found here at his bandzone website:


Definitely a talented chap and one to look out for.


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