Lara303 – Straight to the Point

Let me introduce to you a talent from the Czech Hip Hop scene that I have recently unearthed and I’m very excited I did! – Lara303. Lara is a young female MC originating from Brno but recently made the move west to the great capital city of Prague. She has been described as having a razor sharp tongue and producing lyrics straight from the heart. It’s clear from listening to her tracks that this description is wholly accurate.

Lara started rapping in 2006 in France and already by 2007 she was collaborating with DJ Makai and the boys from Rootcat Recordings releasing a single going by the title of “Mam co ty”. Even if you can’t understand the words Lara is rapping (and that will probably include quite a few of you!) it is still obvious this girl can rap beautifully.

This track was selected to appear on the compilation Hip Hop Mix Vol. 3.

Since then Lara continued recording and also playing live concerts. In late 2009 Lara recorded her debut album (again with Rootcat Records) – Revolution.

The album has 13 tracks on it.
1. Intro, 2. Emmene moi (feat Komer), 3. Step Ahead (feat Nironic, 4. United styles (feat Sista Carmen & Djei), 5. Revoluce, 6. Půlnoční bilance, 7. My Love (feat Jah Mali), 8. 13. komnata, 9. Chtěli by (part 1), 10. Chtěli by (part 2), 11. Neutíkám (feat Jason), 12. Máma, 13. Poslední

It can be purchased from the itune store where you can also listen to 1:00 clips of each song. Go do it now!!!

The First single taken from LARA 303 ‘s album “REVOLUTION” was Step ahead (link to step ahead) featuring NIRONIC / Instrumental by Paulie Garand & Pascal Werner. Hard beats with some fast paced raps.

A personal favourite of mine is a collaboration Lara303 did with a group called United Flavour. The song goes by the title of “Ninos”. United Flavour are a wide ranging group of musicians with very varied influences (Latin, mix of Reggae and Hip-Hop) who produce an absolutely awesome sound and Lara’s voice over the top is the Cherry on top.

Unfortunately for non-Czech speaking listeners there is not much written about Lara303 in English. There is plenty of material of hers on though and I strongly urge you to go check it out. Even if you don’t understand her lyrics you can still appreciate her talent for rapping and her catchy songs.

I am intrigued to see what is next for Lara. I couldn’t find anything on her website about new releases or live shows but will be investigating further.
In the meantime you can find a nice selection of her music here

Talented Lady…

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