10 non-Czech tunes! Because we can…

It seems like all hell has broken loose over the last month with new jobs starting, trips to England and life generally getting in the way of music. Anyway, to get back in the groove, we’ve decided to make an exception to what we normally do and share some of the tunes that we love from outside of the Czech Republic (we don’t spend all of our time sat in dark basements listening to underground Czechno). We’re restricting ourselves to tunes that we’ve discovered over the last couple of years but this is in no way a definitive list, just ten absolutely amazing pieces of music. Enjoy!

Adam’s choices

Miike Snow – Animal

I hear the first 10 seconds of this song and just want to get up and dance! Two problems with that – a) I can’t dance and b) I work in a very sterile office environment and those sort of wild actions are heavily frowned upon and could end up in me receiving stern punishment and being outcast. Anyway, I still fantasise about it. This tune rocks. Miike Snow is a Swedish indie pop band. Get your groove on!

NumberNin6 – Drop This (feat Maksim)

This song is DIIIIIIIIIIIIIRTY! The beat just screams filth at you and I bloody love it! Turn this up loud and piss off everyone around you. Apparently this NumberNin6 is a medical student… not sure I would want someone who can produce such dirty beats to be examining me. Keep to the music my man, its where your talent lies.

Hiatus – Third

Pure beauty this song… I still can’t get over it. It brings me to a silent empty world looking over a vast deserted landscape with the Sun fading or rising (I can’t work that bit out yet and probably never will)… It’s filled with so much sorrow it burns but there are elements of hope that shimmer through and the contrast leaves you feeling uneasy but alive. Can a song really do all this??? Of course it CAN! And that is why we love music. The lone stringed instrument halfway through calls out into the emptiness and is answered by a haunting echoing voice. Wow! Whenever doubts arise this is my fallback song, it reinforces everything I believe in. Thank you Hiatus. (James glowers from the corner having wanted this tune too…)

Chrome Sparks – All There is (Feat Steffaloo)

This is a fun little song. Stuttered beats with floating magical vocals provided by Steffaloo. It bounces along at an uneasy pace but always manages to produce a smile on my face. Check out Chrome – he really does produce something a little different whilst holding onto the conventional song structure. I like it! He originates from Ann Arbor in the US and likes computers and music.

Corduroi – Emerald Rain

Staccato beats with weird and wonderful interludes makes for very interesting music and that’s exactly what this is. Corduroi produces something that I can’t quite put my finger on although I am sure that a genre exists for this type of music (flo-esque-sub-prim-electro-flippidy-floppedy-psy-trance-popjiz or something). Anyway, it’s not something you would play to seduce a girl but if you want to hear something very original and that makes you wonder a little then this is definitely for you. I highly recommend you check out his other material.

James’ choices

Digitonal – Silver Poetry

I can’t remember exactly how I came across Digitonal, known in real life as Andrew Dobson, but I’m forever thankful that I did. He composes beautiful melodic music with a faint tinge of electronica. It’s a bit like hearing the sound of the party receding into the distance but enjoying the walk home. I could have selected any one of his tunes, but Silver Poetry edges it for the way it strays into breakbeat territory towards the end.

Dustin O’Halloran – We Move Lightly

This was one of those songs that, upon hearing it for the first time, I was unable to take off repeat for the rest of the day and I found myself sharing it with everyone I could think of. Such a simple song in many ways, this is a stunningly beautiful combination of piano and strings from a man who is currently based in Berlin and has previously lived in Italy and LA. Definitely one of the best pieces of music that I’ve heard in the last year. Listen to more of his music here.

Nature Rage – Doing

I can’t tell you much about Nature Rage except that he makes consistently brilliant ‘deep bass’ music from his base in Washington DC. In my eyes this tune is the pick of the bunch, although I would highly recommend checking out the rest of his stuff. I love the intricacy of the drums, the floating female vocals and the way it seems to turn into one long glorious breakdown after the first couple of minutes.

Phaeleh – Orchid

I’ve been a big fan of Bristol artist Phaeleh since getting hold of his Kryptic Elements mix a few years ago. Primarily known as a dubstep producer, I think that it would be fair to say that he has moved beyond simple genre restrictions by now. All of his tunes combine beautiful melodies with pulsing beats and, in most cases, heavy bass. Again, I could have chosen any number of his tunes (Fallen Light off the album of the same name is a personal favourite) but decided to go with Orchid, which is part of the brilliant Electronic Explorations compilation put together by Rob Booth. I love the slowly evolving nature of this tune and the rich atmospherics transport you to a different place. Then the drums get involved and the room begins to spin a little.

Luca NZ – Saint Bond

Here is some melodic dnb to conclude this list on an uplifting note. There’s an element of mystery surrounding the artist in question who appears to go by the name of Luca NZ. His Soundcloud page tells us that he is, in fact, Tim Webb, based in Amsterdam but there’s no recent activity on his page and no indication that he is still making music. It’s a tragic loss if he isn’t. This tune is over three years old and I actually came across it again completely by chance in one of those amazing moments when you find a tune that you thought you had lost forever. A beautiful melody, deep bass and a driving beat. Now all I need is the beach, a deck chair and a Caipirinha…

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