Honey T

As a fan of music the most difficult question I get asked is “What kind of music are you into?” “Well…” I begin usually and then have a plethora of artist’s names running through my head but which ones to actually say out loud? I usually um and ah an inaudible non-descript attempt at an answer which leaves an uncomfortable pause between myself and the instigator. I should just say I love Tina Turner and her fantastic legs and be done with it! However I am into MANY types of music. MANY different genres and MANY different artists. The problem we have as human beings is we are always looking to classify things, fit things into their own little neat compartments (IKEA has made Billions off of this! Crafty Swedish!). We are just as guilty when writing this blog – we have stated we are on a mission to discover the “underground” music of Prague but this immediately puts us in a tight spot to try and defend our choices for what we think IS “underground” music.

Anyway, my point is the most important thing for me is the music itself – as to the genre or the classification this is secondary if at all. Music is a journey, an experience, bonding, understanding, perception, enjoyment and if a melody or a particular line of a vocal catches you at a certain point in your life and alters your direction then a connection has been made. Isn’t that why we are here after all? To connect with one another? Time to stop going off on one… for I am very excited to bring you all this week the artist that goes by the name of Honey T

You want me to classify him don’t you?? 🙂 OK THEN!! Chilled out DnB, elements of garage, deep-step and general atmospherical all add up to the sound that is Honey T. Let’s start off with a track, one of my favourites “Till You Hear”:



This track is completely stripped back to the basics. Drums. Bass. Piano melody. Atmospherics. Vocals. And boy what a cracker it is! I have had this track on repeat for the last hour and my passion for it has only grown fonder. Its easy for your thoughts to get lost in between the crackled repetitive vocals echoing solemnly around the intricate little piano lines whilst the beat remains rigid throughout which helps it lock onto your mind and let the other sounds swallow you whole. I am guilty of not giving enough attention to DnB tracks in the past but from listening to this my eyes are slowly being opened to the revelations they have to offer.

According to his Bio Honey T only started listening to DnB in 2004 – a late bloomer by his own admission, but it sounds like he developed a taste for it pretty quick and was soon practising rigorously on his very own set of turntables.  After a few years all his practising paid off and he was invited to become part of the Shadowbox family. For more info you can visit their site here. He was taken under the wing of a DJ Akira and was soon DJing at established nights at various high profile clubs – Roxy, Cross Club, Matrix to name but a few. He also loves producing and he certainly has a talent for it. Take another of his tracks: “Arcane Storm”:



This track starts in the rainforest! If you close your eyes and stood in a greenhouse on a hot day whilst listening to this track you would almost believe you have been transported to the Amazon Rainforest (but without the snakes and gigantic spiders they have there). It’s a very stop-starty track which aligns to the deep slow breathing in and out of the forest. The atmospherics on these type of tracks can sometimes be overdone but Honey T captures just the right balance which lends itself to a truly great track.

The last track I wish to share is a little more upbeat. It goes by the name of: “Not a Single Track was Given”:



The drums are more hard hitting in this song. The bass sits sinisterly underneath whilst various synthesisers create a whole world of fusion. Elements of a heavily delayed vocal give the finishing touches to this harder track.

Tracks “Till You Hear” & “Not a Single Track was Given” can be downloaded for FREE!!! Yes thats right for FREE! So do it now! Here and here or from Honey T’s Soundcloud page which can be found here:

I hope you enjoy what Honey T has to offer and hopefully we will hear plenty more soon from this talented producer.



2 responses to “Honey T

  1. Wow again! Thanks for promoting my music and also your style of writing! You have depict much thing i feel very smartly. I’ll keep producing multi-gengre melodic tracks, I promise. Stay tuned 😉

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