I think I have found a hidden gem! Well… a hidden gem for us. Probably not for a lot of the Czech Republic but that is not important here (I think we missed the boat with this artist). I am amazed that I have been living in this country for 5 years and have only just discovered this wonderfully talented artist. He goes by the name of Mythematica.

Mythematica is an alter ego for a gentlemen called Daniel Špaček. He describes himself as “audio breeding and a cultivation lab of rock-crystal sounds, which brings to your ear sublime, deep, fizzy sharp sounds which stretch as far as chilly, sporadicaly dusty and transparent partly orange tales of tranquillity.” which I have to say is probably one of the coolest most original thought out descriptions of one’s self I have ever read! It also fits pretty damn well… 🙂

If we start with his track – Dangling Talisman

Now I have to advise you to make a few preparations before listening to this track to really enjoy it. Step 1. Find a dark cosy room with soft lighting, lots of comfy cushions. Then close and lock the door. Step 2. Make sure your sound system is optimised for some smooth deep bass. Step 3. Have at hand an abundance of weed (I am not promoting the use of drugs here but anyone who is anyone knows that listening to music whilst on some type of drugs enhances the effects beautifully!!) Step 4. Make sure no one will disturb you during your listening time. i.e. turn off all communication devices and make sure your wife/gf/parents/annoying aunt are not around! Right!! Ready?!?! Now hit the play button…

The first thing to hit you will be that smooth soothing bass sound. You see now why those preparations were necessary! Next the high-hat comes in and then the wondrous melodies begin swirling your thought patterns into the realms of the deeper meanings of life and the universe. It seems to drift somewhere but where exactly is difficult to pinpoint. There are elements of the artist “Air” in this song.  I would liken the experience to one that you may feel as a child if you were ever lucky enough to go on a magical Disney ride through the Epcot centre or that feeling you get when watching ET and you see the bike lift of the ground and the kids start to fly!! Well… go easy on the drug intake front.

The other track that really stood out for me was a track that goes by the name of Vitam Vas (Welcome):

This has a great sound to it. It starts with a single high piano line playing the melody and then some hard hitting ponderous drums come in bringing the track to life. The bass struts its stuff and the synths provide the needed texture. The song moves along wonderfully well with countermelodies and lovely interludes taking you on a fantastic journey. It reminds me of one of my favourite bands – Mogwai with its overall sound. It is labelled Radio Edit so it has probably had its time on the air which would be fully justified given the quality of the track. (By the way this track is on 993 plays, let’s see if we can get it up to 1000!!)

It appears that Mythematica has one album out – Mythematica and can be bought here  I am getting it right now and for only 6 euros it is well worth the money.

Happy listening!


5 responses to “Mythematica

  1. Yes, Mythematica is so much talented man. At AMEBIO festival, he played liveset with ambient music duo FatCat and Ambientium (CZ, Brno). Amazing experience…

  2. Dan is really talented man. And his music is perfect, I like it a lot!
    He played liveset at Amebio festival with two guys from Brno – FatCat and Ambientium ( Powerfull chillout set, one of these moments when electronica comes alive. Wonderful experience…


    • Hey, thanks for the comment. Yeah I think we were both pretty blown away by both your band and Mythematica. I’m so glad that Adam checked out the rest of the line up at Amebio festival and came across Mythematica. We were both saying yesterday how much we regretted that we could not go the festival this year, but definitely want to go next year as the quality of the music there seems brilliant.

  3. Hello Adam, thanks for very positive feedback ;] I am glad that my music can bring this kind of energy and feeling to people. To your question about future releases, i have intention to dive again more into music fields during the summer to play with it more and to see if there is some material suitable to be published. We will see ;] Meanwhile you can check this free VA compilation Carving Mirages, which we put together with few guys (for example with above mentioned Ambientium and many more).


    • Hey, Thanks for the link to the free album. Will listen to it tonight, hope you do find something to share. I will be very interested to hear it! Good luck. Adam

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