Dizetai is….well, I’m not really sure who Dizetai is if I’m honest. Aside from a rather startled-looking face staring out from his Soundcloud page coupled with the knowledge that he hails from Ostrava, Czech Republic, I only have his music to go on. Happily, there’s quite a lot of that and I suspect that he prefers to let his music do the talking, anyway.

Dizetai’s tunes are built around subtle and evolving melodies, often incorporating melancholic strings and isolated stabs. I love the percussion, the way it seemingly floats into prominence before unexpectedly slinking away again to hide behind an eery vocal sample or rising bass note. The atmospherics hold everything together. If you listen closely, you will notice that there is always something happening in the background – the tinkling of some exotic form of percussion, a groaning cello – yet there is never a sense of overcrowding the music with too many elements. At the risk of inviting ridicule, when I listen to Dizetai’s music, I think of something akin to a musical safari in which every element represents an individual type of animal (violins = birds in the trees, bass = hippos lounging in water, percussion = charging herds of antelopes etc), each has its own place and its own beauty yet together they form something even greater.

Anyway, that’s it for Saturday morning analogies! I’m not going to go into too many individual tracks as one of great qualities of Dizetai’s work is how seamlessly each composition fits with the others. You need to listen to them all! However, with a gun to my head I think that my favourites are Live for You (from the Nothing Special LP) and Kristyna (from the Useless One EP). Check them out below.

Regarding the Nothing Special LP, I was unable to find out whether it is possible to get hold of a physical copy and from where (if anybody can tell us, we would love to know!). However, all of the individual tracks can be downloaded on Dizetai’s Soundcloud page. I strongly recommend that you do just that. Right now!


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