Gem Reflection

Good afternoon!

On a gloomy, murky day here in Prague I thought that I’d share some music that makes me think of the long, hot summer days that are hopefully just around the corner. With that in mind, I bring you a band known as Gem Reflection. Now a two-piece, Gem Reflection was founded in 2004 by Martin Brandejs (otherwise known as Brendy). Guitarist Ondrej Benkovic (or Benki) arrived in 2010, initially as a guest during live appearances, eventually becoming a full time member. According to the duo’s Souncloud page, their music is “influenced by breakbeat, psytrance/psychill, reggae, ethno, triphop and also early electronic music from Amiga era or czech film music composer Karel Svoboda.

Last month, they released an album entitled simply ‘Gem Reflection 5’ (and yes, there are four albums preceding it, guess the names!) which combines studio and live recordings. As the aforementioned description suggests, each song is a delicate collage of syncopated beats and dramatic soundscapes bound together with a Reggae-tinged swaggering step.

My personal favourites from the album are the live tracks, ‘Fejo Una’ and ‘Dluvho Sy Nebi’ which show just why Gem Reflection are regulars on the chillout stages at summer festivals. I particularly like the way that the guitar waltzes into ‘Dluvho Sy Nebi’ and becomes the main focus of the track. The beat is simple, leaving space for the other instruments, but every sound is just right and performs a crucial role in driving the track forward.

I was already looking forward to the beginning of the festival season, a subject I’m sure we’ll soon be getting round to on here, but I’m even more enthusiastic now that I’ve found another local act that I need to check out in person. According to their website, Gem Reflection will be appearing this summer at AMÉBIO festival (18-21/05/2012) and Festival Penikov (15-17/06/2012). I hope to be there! If you would like to buy the new album you can ‘name your price’ and get it here.


2 responses to “Gem Reflection

  1. hi, I just read your post and I am really pleased to know a new trip hop band from Cz. We are ourselves a trip hop band from France/Uk, we moved to Prague last September and we are playing here with another great trip hop/basement rock band from Prague called Noisetrap…. and as you like trip hop you might enjoy our band. our name is Overland Inn. We are playing at Chapeau Rouge the 24th of May. you can check our songs here and if you like it then come and join us at chapeau Rouge! 🙂
    thank you again for your blog, a good source of infos for the music we like!

    • Hey Chloe,

      Thanks for introducing yourself. We are always happy to hear from artists (especially ones we haven’t heard before!). I am listening to your music now, very cool! I would like to come to your show.


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