Hello to you all,

I was casually browsing around this week on the web, mind-numbed by the monotony of excessive clicking during my day-job & in search of something different when a strange image caught my eye:

FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER, GAIA (what the hell is GAIA I hear you ask!) – yeah me neither. Go here for further details if you are interested in astrology and such like – GAIA Astrology

Anyway I clicked on the image and it brought me to Unvorsum’s page on Unvorsum – Souncloud. Unvorsum’s opening sentence on his page states “Musical Journey to inner spaces…” It sounded exactly what I needed to get me out of my daily hypnotised state. First song on his spotlight page is called “Dark places of the soul (Dead march version)” – Do I really want to be listening to this in my current state of mind?!??! Definitely! J

A mysterious voice introduces the track “Where am I? What is this place?” set against an eerie, sinister sounding backdrop of atmospherics. Platters of bells and spooky noises haunt the build-up of the track until the beat comes in which releases a fantastical spring of synthesizers. The beat builds to create a march which you would imagine would accompany a group of soldiers heading off into the unknown unsure as to when they will see their loved one’s again (given the title of the song – maybe not). But then the song breaks-down into a beautiful little twinkling of a piano before the march starts again. Unvorsum describes himself as “a one-man musical project (experiment) of unspecified style, taking an inspiration in genres such as Ambient, Chillout, Dark-Ambient, Atmospheric music, Down Tempo and more.” and this is exactly what is delivered in the first song.

I was interested so wanted to immediately listen to some more…

Unvorsum (originally known as “murdydrum”) gives the impression of wanting to make music that he wants to make and not what he thinks will get attention or will be massively successful. I spent the afternoon immersed in his music and found my thoughts often wandering off to places they didn’t usually go – the music leading me to these places. Another tune that I enjoyed went by the title of “Guitar Hello”

The track features a Spanish guitar sound over haunting synthesisers with a light drum n bass beat. It is a lovely track – nice and laid-back and the drums fit beautifully. Well worth a listen.

I am not sure if Unvorsum plays live or not – would love to know so please let us know if you know! J However if you don’t know you should check out his music on Soundcloud or Bandzone and also his artwork which can be found here.

A little unusual but very cool.


2 responses to “Unvorsum

  1. Thank you very much for such a nice article about my music. About the question if i plays live…i can’t imagine it right now, because almost all instruments you can hear in my tunes are played by myself (even vocals in “Dark places of the Soul” are recorded from Korg synths and my own voice), so it’s hard to put it into live performance 🙂

    Sorry for my english, Best regards and good luck!


    • I am a big fan of your music! Understand about the live aspect being difficult but if you ever manage to do it please let us know, I would be very keen to see it. Good luck in the future and looking forward to hearing new material.

      Btw your english is excellent! A hell of a lot better than my Czech.

      Mejte se.


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