A Banquet

For some reason, the hectic business of moving flats has driven me towards listening to stuff at the guitar-rock end of the spectrum over the last week or so. As well as dusting off my beloved Dandy Warhols and Queens of the Stone Age records (well alright, mp3s), I also dipped my toe into the Czech guitar-rock waters. In doing so I came across a band that I’d never previously heard of, although I’m happy that I did.

According to the band’s website, A Banquet “mix the 60s and 70s and the alternative movements of the 80s and 90s along with the contemporary indie genres such as electro, nu-rave, shoegaze and many others, under the auspices of their very own style called FUTU-ROLL.” The young trio (Mathieu: vocals, guitar, synths, lyrics, Richard: drums, Michael: bass, synths, backing vocals) combine moments of melancholic melody with powerful guitar and bass as well as delicate drumming. Each song is well-crafted with a radio-friendly polish that includes catchy choruses and a lead vocalist with an entrancing and sometimes haunting voice. At the same time, they do not drift into the realm of cheesy pop, something that has put me off a significant amount of guitar-driven music in recent years (say what you like about the Dandy Warhols, but then go and listen to this).

Here are a few tunes that I particularly liked. As usual I’d definitely suggest that you have a proper listen yourself. The largest collections of their music online can be found on their Youtube and Soundcloud pages.

Unfortunately, a golden opportunity to see A Banquet live has just passed. They played at Lucerna Music Bar on April 10th to mark the launch of their debut album entitled ‘Breath’, released on  Supraphonline.cz on April 4th which you can buy here.

Until next time,


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