Floex – Zorya

Occasionally I stumble upon an artist that is more than just a passing fad. I think I just found one of these such artists!

Tomas Dvorak, more commonly known as Floex, originates from Prague. Tomas is a classically trained musician learning his trade via the clarinet. It is instantly recognisable that Floex has a broad knowledge and talent in regards to music. His songs are not just ideas haphasidly put together, they are stories within themselves carefully crafted, layer upon layer until a final piece is produced. The results are intriguing, sparsely sounding, eerie, often melancholy outlooks into what one imagines is an empty land void of virtually all life… but very beautiful and still with some hope! 🙂

Floex’s latest production is an album going by the name of Zorya (I appreciate this was released last year in 2011, I am a little slow sometimes so please bear with me) – http://floex.cz/

The album name Zorya apparently originates from Slavic Mythology about two guardian goddesses, known as the Auroras. They guard and watch over the doomsday hound, Simargl, who is chained to the star Polaris in the constellation Ursa Minor, the “little bear”. If the chain ever breaks, the hound will devour the constellation and the universe will end. The Zorya represent the Morning Star and Evening Star. Pretty heavy stuff to be dealing with!! But there is definitely a touch of mysticism and mythology about Floex’s sound. A wandering melody of a breathy woodwind instrument is often found dancing ponderously over a murky, reflective sometimes sinister sounding accompaniment such as in the track entitled “Blow up”. Background noises of lightly hit bells and slow rising electronic shimmering all aid to produce a somewhat mysterious, vacant landscape on which Floex can explore.


Floex also deals with more up tempo songs in a refreshing light. Take the song “Precious Creature”. It features the artist James Rone. The song has an addictive riff played by a clarinet which hypnotises you and you find your head bobbing along to the beat that just keeps pushing you forward almost relentlessly. Jame’s vocals counteract the progressive hypnotic beat and provide some air to the otherwise nonforgiving track. Another woodwind instrument provides a nice counter melody to the vocals. I mean all this in a positive sense. The track kicks and drags you along whilst the vocals allow the track to breathe


If I had to place Floex into a genre I would be stuck. There are so many elements that he draws from that it is mightily difficult to pin him down! There are classical influences, Jazz, electronic, minimalism, even elements of post(-rock) – but without the rock!  Post-electronic… I guess we aren’t there yet but Floex is. But what Floex does do is write good songs. The problem these days with electronic music is its getting easier and easier for bad songs to be hidden behind weird electronic effects and noises so far that the song is often secondary. But it is plainly visible that Floex has an amazing talent when it comes to writing songs and then uses the tools at his disposal in a positive manner to create his beautiful pieces.

My favourite track off the album is Nel Blu feat. Musetta. There is a sumptuous Sigur Rosesque beat to this song that you get lost in whilst the vocals soothe you with their melodic charm and endless reverb. The song slowly builds into a crescendo and gains tension as it pushes you forward. Check out the video as well. Some strange Amoeba singing whilst floating about the screen. Original for sure!

Floex – Nel Blu from tadeas haager on Vimeo.

I will let you judge the rest of the album for yourself and I fully recommend that you do. It can be purchased at multiple sites – itunes, here (http://store.floex.cz/album/zorya) and for 6 euros it is a bargin! Buy it and get lost in the wonderful landscape that Floex has created.

Floex will also be playing live in Prague at Palac Akorpolis on the 24th April 2012 – For more info see Here.


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