Dikolson – The Bear is Sleeping Now

Reduced to a temporarily horizontal existence thanks to some form of man-flu, I’ve not felt like listening to much this week. Today I needed something calm and laid back to listen to in the background as I try to reacclimatise myself to normal life and, as chance would have it, I found just the thing!

Dikolson, aka Filip Misek,  is a Prague-based composer who creates atmospheric electronic pieces with subtle melodies and unexpected changes of pace and mood. I’ve been listening to his album ‘The Bear is Sleeping Now’ which is available to listen to on his soundcloud page.  On first listen, the use of interesting textures and bells reminded me of artists such as Pantha du Prince and Air. The vocals and drums are slightly unsettling and add to the slightly melancholic tone of the album… all good things in my eyes!

My favourite track is probably Mercury, but I mainly enjoyed the fact that the album works as a coherent journey rather than for any of its individual parts.

There is a nice video of Dikolson performing ‘Mercury’ live at Bakkus – Reykjavík:

Dikolson – Mercury / live at Bakkus, Reykjavík from filip misek on Vimeo.

And check out these pictures from a recent gig here.

I highly recommend checking out his stuff. If you are interested in seeing him live, he is performing at Palac Akropolis  on March 29th.


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